Coaching Support
Coaching Support


Today it has become very common practice to see someone as a coach to seek help to achieve their work and life goals. Coaching is kind of partnership between the coach and the person or organizations seeking coaching. The coach helps the person to achieve their high performance by getting them involved in the products and resources recommended by the coach. The coach then ensures that the client has achieved their best, they have learned and develop in the way they desire. They serve them in the highest way possible. However, where can coaches go to support and network with other coaches.

The Coaching Support Group is a group of people with an interest in:

Practice coaching;

Learning from experts;

Peer-to-peer coaching support.

Developing their coaching skills and business


There are many ways to define coaching:

  • Coaching helps the person to go in the direction they wish to achieve their goals.
  • Coaching helps the person at various levels to become what they want to be.
  • Coaching helps to bring awareness among the available choices and leads to change.

But coaches also need the same support they give their clients.



The coaching support group is considered as the central hub for those who are interested in the art and practice of coaching. The coaching group bring together like minded people that share information. They inspire, motivate, and support the human potential of others and of their own to form a mastermind alliance. 

The Coaching Support Group is a basic tool for comprehensive development of the community. This approach is used to ignite the spirit of change in different communities belonging to different categories such as professionals, businessman, and other governing communities around the world. The worldwide structure of these groups takes an initiative to help the coaches, student coaches, or those who are interested in coaching.         

To become a member or a team of the coaching support group, the coach needs to register or join the website  by simply registering and Logging in. The coaches then introduce themeselves to the community by expressing their professional skills. 

Here's Where It Get's Interesting On The Flipside

Though predominantly the group is for professional coaches, there are ways for the coaches to attract new clients by responding to those who request answers. We have our own reddit and quora type service and when the time ir right we will be opening a seperate section to the public. Those people who need coaching help will ask questions or get their issues solved via contacting the relevant coach. 

The coach and student will share information, provide training products and effective coaching packages. The coaches can also provide free products or sell their services through the source information and resources useful for the individual. 



The coaching group unlocks the person’s aptitude to maximize their performance in coaching. This contributes to develop social capital that is often lost in other communities. Coaching is a dynamic development tool that is used to encourage the members to achieve full potential and build social capital. This community coaching group is involved in the development of people who have solutions, experience and wisdom to share. 

The main aim of the group is to remove discrimination, competition and to offer support to its members. This approach will open a common space, where wider range of professionals can meet to promote cooperation and social inclusion. With the deep understanding of the community needs and desire the group will have the ability to solve the complex community needs. 


The coaches provide different approaches such as motivational, counseling, consultative and educational to facilitate the group of people. Other benefits:

  • Networking with large group of people under one roof.
  • Creating multiple perspectives for brainstorming and problem solving.
  • An opportunity to discover common goals and experiences.
  • Learning from the experience of others.
  • Gaining encouragement and accountability.
  • Learning with reduced costs.

Various types of coaching:

Career coaching – similar to career counseling, providing advice or guide about career to the clients.

Relationship or dating coaching – provide products and services to improve the client’s dating and relationship.

Co-coaching – coaching between peers and their goals to improve coaching techniques.

Financial coaching- to overcome the struggle to attain a certain level of financial goals, improve economic plans.

Health and wellness coaching –help the clients to learn new ways to manage their illness and provide techniques, personal experience and expertise to improve health conditions.

Homework coaching – help the students to attain special skills to succeed academically.

Education coaching –opportunity for students, teachers, and administrators to help fellow students to gain good grades, and improve themselves socially and academically.

Life coaching –help people identify their personal goals, develop skills to gain self-improvement.

Sports coaching- providing supervision and training to the teams and individuals.

Vocal coaching – helps singers to perform better on stage, provide private music lessons, workshops etc. 


The only thing that is missing is you as a professional coach, so come on board a growing community.