My name is Darrin Bridge. I am from Victoria and I am a Westcoast girl at heart - to me that means I love the ocean and all things outdoors (even in the rain).

My experience as a Leadership Trainer and Professional Certified Coach is that money is the number one thing that people put in the way of pursuing their hearts desires. People give up their dreams because they cannot afford to have them.

The work I do is about disrupting the automaticity from which most of us move through our lives, relationships and careers - and create new patterns, and a new relationship with our bank accounts.

I am all about education, awareness, personal and professional development. And let’s get real here - LEADERSHIP is actually code for our ability to create trust, intimacy and vulnerability with other human beings. In my own quest to help others - I was in no way prepared to share the parts of myself required to be a great leader.

Before this work, I thought life was about doing the right thing, doing the best you can with what you have and having fun where no one can see you. When the Essence of who I am is about experiencing adventure, embodying play and allowing my intuition to be my guide.

As a coach, I am committed to living life outside the rules!

My vision for the planet is that young people give themselves full permission to follow their hearts down the winding paths of their wildest dreams. And in case you just excluded yourself, in my vision we are all the young people. Our vitality lives in our hearts.

Part of that commitment is to create a culture where people are powered up and running their money - rather than having their money run them.