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Introduce Yourself
Introduce Yourself
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Welcome to the coaching support community. Please introduce yourself and tell others what you do and how you serve. Network with other coaches and support each other in your service.

Elle liked 3 months ago
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About 18 years ago, I wanted people who are intuitive to have a safe place where they could share their experiences, learn how intuition works, and find out all the ways intuition expresses itself through them. So A Place of... (More)
Susan liked 3 months ago
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Audrey Seymour MA MCC
Founder and Principal, Clear Change Group
Hello, I'm new and look forward to connecting with everyone. I align mission-based leaders and entrepreneurs with their purpose, to maximize their fulfillment and impact.
Jock commented 4 months ago
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Hi, my name is Elle and I am a personal empowerment, wellness, development, and goal life coach. Nice to meet you all!
Jock updated 4 months ago
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Jane Matanga
Transformational Life Coach & intuitive Angel Card Reader
My mission is to create a safe and sacred space and place for others to connect with their Angels to help them with anything thatā€™s standing between them their loving light and their greatness. I want to be their representative... (More)