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Introduce Yourself
Introduce Yourself
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Welcome to the coaching support community. Please introduce yourself and tell others what you do and how you serve. Network with other coaches and support each other in your service.

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My name is Jill Ayn Schneider. I am a Revolutionary Healer, Author, Intuitive and Medium. I introduce people to themselves, guide them through a spiritual and physical detoxification process to heal themselves body, mind and spirit!
The commented 24 days ago
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Hi! I'm Susan Petang from The Quiet Zone Coaching. I help my clients learn the life skills their parents didn't teach them, so they can manage stress, deal with other people's drama, handle the BS of life, and start waking... (More)
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Hi, my name is Roland Legge. I am an Identity-Life Coach. I use the psychological spiritual tool called the Enneagram in my coaching. I help people to access their three centers of intelligence, body (sensations), heart (emotions) and head (thoughts).... (More)
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Audrey Seymour MA MCC
Founder and Principal, Clear Change Group
Hello, I'm new and look forward to connecting with everyone. I align mission-based leaders and entrepreneurs with their purpose, to maximize their fulfillment and impact.